Zong-Student Entrepreneur Program

Student Entrepreneur Program

Dear Students, enjoy your summer break with Zong. Become our partner this season and Earn As You Learn with Zong Student Entreprenuer program where all students are eligible. Earn more & stay cool in your social circle.

How to participate

Interested applicants can get themselves registered as ZONG Partners by applying through:
We will contact you once we receive all relevant details. After registration and verification your ID will be generated as our business partner

Young Entrepreneurs will Earn via

  • Selling New Connections
  • Getting connections via Mobile Number Portability
  • Mini Load

The Summer Season benefits

  • Commission on MiniLoad
  • Commission on MNP
  • commission on New Sale
  • Bonus after every quarter based on performance
  • Sales & Marketing Exposure


  • Enter port in count:
  • Select load amount based on number of days:
  • Enter recharge amount by each port in in multiples of Rs 100 done in 30days: <reward per MNP: Rs 80>
  • Number of MNP with recharge of Rs 200 in 60days <reward per MNP: Rs 120>
  • Number of MNP with recharge of Rs 300 in 90days <reward per MNP: Rs 120>

New SIM Sale

  • New subs with recharge of Rs. 100
  • Note <all subs who recharge Rs. 100 in 30 days>


  • Enter MiniLoad amount to be purchased

Other prizes

You can enjoy other cool gifts from us for your special entrepreneur performance. For details stay hooked!


  • New subs with recharge of Rs 100
  • Note <all subs who recharge Rs 100 in 3o days>

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