Uth package-Full Time Mufta Offer!

Full Time Mufta Offer!

Not just 2 or 3 numbers rather call tens of thousands of numbers non-stop absolutely FREE!
Can't believe it right? Well U better believe it 'coz with your Uth package your calls to all Uth package numbers from 9 am to midnight are free after the first minute and calls from midnight to 9 in the morning are absolutely FREE! Yes that's F-R-E-E = FREE!
And here's the best part your daily charges aren't Rs 6.99 or even Rs. 9.99 it's only a mere Rs. 2!!! It's so unbelievable kay soch hai aapki!
So dial *23# immediately to get this unbelievable offer working for U!
Terms and Conditions:
All other rates not mentioned here are as per Uth package or click here for more details.
To subscribe this offer, one time subscription charges are Rs.20 + Tax
Daily charges are Rs. 2 + Tax
Calls to all Uth package, Uth Package Non Stop Offer and Uth Package Full Time Mufta Offer are free after the first minute from 9am to midnight .Calls from midnight till 9 am are absolutely free.
Calls to all Onnet numbers except for calls made to Uth Package numbers will be charged at Rs 1.0/30 Sec and these calls will be free after 2 minutes from 10pm till 7pm next day.
From mid night to 9am all free calls will be charged 1paisa per call
Maximum call duration is 59:59
Terms & Conditions Apply
19.5% FED on usage and 11.5% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.
Using SIMS without proper documentation is a crime – PTA
Limited time offer

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