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Whether texting, sharing pictures or browsing the internet, you simply can’t get a better deal! Zem brings the only messaging and internet package in the market. With SMS Craze subscribers can get upto 5,000 SMS/MMS to any number across Pakistan & 10MB of Mobile Internet for a monthly subscription of Rs.150 inclusive of all taxes.
All you need to do to subscribe is call 321 and select SMS Craze.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of SMS Craze offer?

    With SMS Craze offer, you can:
    • Send up to 5,000 SMS or MMS to any number in Pakistan
    • Use 10 MB Mobile Internet to browse, upload or download content from the Internet on your mobile
  • How do I best utilize this offer?
    • No worries about an SMS costing you each time. Just subscribe once and every month you can send upto 5,000 SMS to your friends
    • You can browse for content on the Warid website, among others, for content downloads. Pass animated messages, pictures, video’s etc. through MMS to your friends
    • Use your camera and create your own content to send to your friends for free
    • Browse internet on your phone for any information or to stay in touch with your friends on community websites
  • How do I subscribe to SMS Craze?

    You can subscribe to SMS Craze by dialing 321
  • What are the subscription charges?

    Monthly subscription of Rs.150 inclusive of taxes apply
  • Can I send SMS or MMS to any network?

    Yes. With SMS Craze, you can not only send SMS or MMS within the Warid family, but you can send jokes, pictures, video clips among other things to friends on other networks in Pakistan
  • Is SMS Craze applicable for sending SMS internationally?

    SMS Craze is only applicable for sending free SMS & MMS within Pakistan
  • Is SMS Craze package applicable for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers?

    SMS Craze package is available to only Zem prepaid subscribers
  • What will I be charged for when I subscribe to this package from 321 IVR?

    You will be charged a package change fee of Rs. 10 + tax along with Rs. 150 as charges for SMS Craze package.
  • Do I have to subscriber every month to avail this offer?

    No! You only have to subscribe once and if there is sufficient balance in your prepaid account, the next monthly deduction is done automatically.
  • What if I do not have Rs-/150 in the balance amount at the time of rental deduction?
    Your tariff will be downgraded to the basic tariff i.e. Zem 30 Lowest Call Rates.
  • While using SMS Craze tariff, how will my calls be charged?

    Calls in SMS Craze tariff are charged as per Zem 30 Lowest Call Rates.

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